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 Sakura Haruno

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Sakura Haruno


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PostSubject: Sakura Haruno   Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:11 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Sakura Haruno
-Nickname: N/A
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Clan: N/A


Personality: Sakura, because of the persistent bullying about her forehead, is normally quite shy around new people but isn't antisocial. When she warms up to somebody, she hates being apart from them and loves to smile a lot. She's truly very happy when she's around somebody that she cares for and who cares for her.


Rank: Academy Student
Village: Konoha


Skill Specialty: None yet
None yet
Special Characteristics: Nothing [if Inner Sakura doesn't count XD]


  • Body Replacement Technique
  • Cloak of Invisibility Technique
  • Clone Technique
  • Rope Escape Technique
  • Transformation Technique

History and
RP Sample

History: During her early years in the Ninja
, Sakura was frequently bullied by others due to her large
forehead. To try and combat this, Sakura used her bangs to hide her
forehead, fueling the other kids' teasing by indicating she was
sensitive about it. Ino Yamanaka, realizing this, helped Sakura by
giving her a ribbon that she used as a way of drawing attention to the
cuter features of her forehead, which helped Sakura overcome her
The two became good friends and Sakura grew more confident, developing
her own unique personality under Ino's guidance. Despite this, Sakura
felt that she was living in Ino's shadow and longed to prove herself as
Ino's equal. Later, when the two girls eventually realized that they
were both infatuated with Sasuke
, Sakura ended their friendship so that they could properly
compete for Sasuke's love, thus beginning a bitter rivalry between the

Rp Sample: Sakura sat outside of the Academy, humming slightly as she watched some cherry blossoms blowing on the breeze. She sighed as she watched all of the other students go home. She didn't want to while all of the girls that picked on her were still there. She sniffled slightly and looked down until she felt someone stand in front of her. Looking up, she blinked at the silver-haired boy in front of her in surprise. "R-Ryuumaru-Kun?"
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Prince Ryuumaru Shimazu


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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Haruno   Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:18 pm

Approved. ^_^

This is my mother Princess Kimi Shimazu
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Sakura Haruno
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